Delivery Information

I have had multiple people reach out to me recently regarding the delivery of their book(s). Some people who ordered directly through City Limits Publishing’s website never received their book. If this is you, I am so sorry about this inconvenience! Unfortunately, I have no control over these problems since that was all through my publisher (which has closed their doors; see for more information), and they have not fulfilled their end of the contract.

If you never received your book, I would contact your credit card company and get a refund. If you would still like to order a book, they are available through Amazon and should deliver within a few days (they are selling quick)!

Thank you again if you ordered a copy of The Quantum State, and I’m so sorry if City Limits Publishing did not send it to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! You can find my contact information here. Thank you!