My inspiration to author a book came to me in the midst of COVID-19. Before I started, I had no idea I would enjoy creative writing this much. After writing 3700 words on my first day, I realized I did indeed enjoy creative writing. I took pleasure in writing about something I was passionate about. For me, this was science-fiction.

The genre of my book is technically sci-fi, but it leans more towards the science side rather than the fiction side. Many times, this is categorized as hard sci-fi, a type of science-fiction that encompasses real ideas and logic that could actually work. My current goal in life is to go to school to study Aerospace Engineering or Robotics Engineering and eventually work for NASA.

Drafting a novel has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. When I first began, I started with maybe a 10,000-word idea, making the book slightly longer than a short story. I had never envisioned the story where it is today. I continued working and adding to this base. Now, I have a novel that I am proud of, and one that I feel could take me to many places further in life.